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Every winter we get asked what causes condensation on the interior of my windows?

The main thing to know is that it is too much humidity in your home when the temperature drops. We live in an extremely dry climate and therefore we need to crank our humidifiers.  This is fine when the temperature is fairly warm outside, however this can be problematic when the temperature drops.  Recommended humidity when the temperature drops to -30 is 25%.  We get a lot of people say " well my flooring company says I need to keep it at 35% at all times".  This is correct however it is safe to reduce it for short periods of time when it is colder outside.  We spoke with a representative with Mirage Hardwood Flooring and they warranty the hardwood at anything greater then 25%.

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Nicole Bird

Condensation Issues

We often get asked " Why am I getting condensation on the interior glass of my windows?"

The main thing you need to know is that condensation is caused by too much humidity in your home.  It's okay, we have solutions for you!  First you will want to check your thermostat to ensure it is not showing a high humidity level when it is really cold outside (roughly -30).  If the humidity level is showing low but you still have condensation issues you will want to contact your HVAC company to confirm that the thermostat is actually correct.  Alternatively, you can purchase a humidity tester. Sometimes a dehumidifier will solve the problem.

The rule of thumb is if you know that we are heading into a cold spell - adjust your humidity level to 25%.  The second thing you can do is make sure you have proper air flow around your windows. We get a lot of people telling us that they are concerned that if they reduce the humidity it will cause problems for their hardwood floors.  We recently spoke with a representative at Mirage Hardwood Floors and they warranty their floors to a minimum of 25%.  It is perfectly safe to reduce the humidity levels for short periods of time, although you will want to double check with your flooring manufacturer to confirm warranty.  Click Here for more information and tips to reduce the humidity in your home.

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