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 At Rsvp Design, we believe that every home deserves the attention to detail that our passion provides. Every project we get to be a part of is unique. We believe that sustainable, beautiful design is within your reach. We work to empower you through education. We encourage your ideas to help your vision come to life by providing you with knowledge to make informed decisions.

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Sales Professional

As the owner of Rsvp, I feel that I am responsible for bringing innovative residential building products in the Edmonton market. I select our products based on quality, value, architectural design and a heavy emphasis on sustainability.

As a sales professional, I am growing our business project by project, home by home.  We work with homeowners, architects, and builders helping to create beautiful homes in our city we are collectively proud of.  As the manager at our office, I handle the daily needs of my business, as well as mentoring and inspiring our growing team.

I strive to inform and enlighten my clients and team, rather than push for the quick sale. I am motivated by the project rather than the sale. I build trusting relationships and educate clients so they can make informed decisions. I want to be part of creating beautiful homes in our city that withstand the test of time.

I enjoy connecting with others who are excited about Edmonton's growth and development such as the CHBA, Chamber of Commerce, and IDEA. We are working together to help push boundaries of Edmonton's residential design market and opening the doors to new opportunities in the design industry by providing a market for innovative design products.

We work closely with builders, architects and homeowners to find the right products for each home. Our network of contacts help source local talent or products based on the client's personality and taste, helping them chose the right windows for their home. Our showroom displays high-end products from Loewen, Fleetwood, Keuken and more.



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Sales Professional

Justine got her start in the construction industry at 14, pushing a broom for her family's renovation company. As she worked her way through high school and university, she became an expert window installer and fell in love with the high quality of Loewen product. Justine and Nicole first connected on an exciting project in Riverdale in 2009. Five years later, the opportunity arose for Justine to work directly with Nicole at the Loewen Windows Center of Edmonton and she jumped at it. 

Nicole and Justine have been working together to build Rsvp Design and are excited about the integration of several revolutionary, sustainable, and visionary products. 

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Sales Professional

Jamie is a great addition to the RSVP team, she comes to us with a background in Interior Design. She received her Bachelor of Applied Interior Design through Mount Royal University. Jamie is passionate about good design and its ability to shape society and evoke positive social change.

Jamie has over 5 years of experience in the design industry from the drawing board to swinging the hammer in both commercial and residential settings.

She believes in the importance of collaborating with contractors, trades and clients in order to create a cohesive design that is unique and suits the clients needs.

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Accounts Manager

Anneli joined the Rsvp Design team in December of 2015. She brings a wealth of business acumen to the team with experience in both project management and human resources. Anneli received her MBA from the University of Ottawa and has worked in the telecommunications industry for 12 years and in the transportation sector for 10 years. Anneli keeps the books and finances of Rsvp Design running smoothly. In her spare time she is an avid golfer and tennis player, and she enjoys going to her daughters singing recitals any chance she gets.

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